Hi im from australia, I have a weird case. hopefully you may know or have an idea 25 yrs old, female, born 2/5/1986. never had any problems with my teeth they are all healthy except for one cavity. First:2005 Broken front tooth from glass bottle, fixed then re-fixed due to sensitivity. Second: jaw problems, sore stiff jaw, ears pop when open and close jaw, clicks a lot, it aches so much i wake up! Third:2009 sensitive teeth,went to dentist. he found nothing. said it was probably my jaw but he took an xray just to be sure.... ...now its weird: i have metal pins in my teeth, they go very deep. the dentist was baffled. took more xrays..ive never had anything like that done. no surgery or anything. i asked my mum: she said i never had ANYTHING done!! now:2011 Have a sore jaw, clench my teeth in my sleep, my front tooth aches all day long so does my bottom (probably referred pain) and my eye on my left hurts and i have a headache ALOT! there is no history of the pins in my dental records either. im so over it! HELP!! what can i do!?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 11 - June - 2011, at 09:57 AM

  • May be the pins are put in the teeth when you go the front teeth fixed. Sometimes when the tooth is broken then it is built back by putting pins in it otheriwse there cannot any pins without getting any dental treatment done. So far as soreness of jaw is concerned, it is due to your clenching of teeth at night which is called bruxism. The main cause of this is stress and for this you can wear night guard. The dentist will make the night guard and that will help you with soreness of jaws. If you are very much concerned about your dental health then hyou can consult another  dentist. For more info you can read this article... www.identalhub.com/article_signs-symptoms-and-effects-of-bruxism-11.aspx

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