'm 14 year going to have four wisdom teeth removed how many injection will i get if i going under iv how pain is the iv which is the best under or local please share your story

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - July - 2011, at 19:16 PM

  • When all the 4 wisdom teeth have to be extracted in one go then normally done under LA or IV depending on the patient's preferance. When doing under LA normally there are two injections for one wisdom tooth so that it is totally normal.Giving the la shot is bit painful but afterwards you donot feel anything. Normally you feel the first shot only and after that your mouth is partially numb and then other shots are not felt even. If you are going for IV  then you are sedated before and you donot feel anything at all. The pain of wisdom tooth extraction is not of procedure but post operative pain that that too if you donot follow all the instructions. You have to be careful post operative for early recovery and to avoid complications. For more info on wisdom tooth extraction you can read this article... http://www.identalhub.com/dental-dental-procedures-for-impacted-wisdom-teeth-737.aspx

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