Hi after 4 months I finally got my palatal expander removed today and got top braces in and dentist placed another appliance cemented in that Im have to use for 4 months... He says its suppose to act as a retainer.... This thing looks like a metal potato masher the swirly wire ones and it sits way below the roof of my mouth(unlike palatal expander which sat way up roof of my mouth). Now this is cutting my tongue I cant speak eat and cant control the drool... EW I called the dentist because I it is just horrible and told me he forgot to give me some wax squares that are suppose to protect my tongue. But to use wax until my next visit.... Well I tried the wax big chunk of it and it helped for a little while but as I try to talk or even drink(cant eat yet) the wax with my tongue movement press against the appliance cuts the wax and goes way back in my throat... Now I am a little annoyed at my dentist because he never discussed that I would have a second appliance put in... I was told the palatal expander 1 month turning and the extra 3 months were to serve as a retainer then braces he never mentioned me getting another one to wear for another four months. I have tried looking for the appliance on the internet so I can read reviews /experiences or anything that can help. Found tons of info on palatal expander that really helped when I got it at first but cant find anything even close to similar to what I have.... Any help is appreciated I am ready to ask my dentist to remove it as I dont see how I can last four months with this...I thought my palatal expander was bad but I dont even know how Im going to fall asleep tonight with this thing:( Please Help

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 29 - April - 2011, at 10:28 AM

  • After palatal expander is removed the retainers are given so that the arch which is expanded do not collapse. Noramally palatal expanders are ued as the retainers but in your case why the other appliance with mesh is given can not be commented upon with out seeing the case clinically. If the patient have some habit like tongue thrusting or thumb sucking then some times the habit breaking alppliance resembling your discrption is given. You can discuss with your orhodentist and discuss with him but should go by the treatment plan. you will become used to the new applince.For more info on palatal expander you can visit the following link...www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-palate-expansion-appliance-67.aspx

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