How common is it to have a hole between the mouth and sinus cavity after a molar extraction? Also continuous bleeding for 12 hours despite packing with gauze? (one more) Is it good practice for the dentist to twist the tooth like he's trying to remove a rusted screw from a 2X4? Hurt like crazy.

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  • becky

    becky 04 - April - 2013, at 15:52 PM

  • What if a part of the root broke off in sinus cavities. and the dentist used sucktion to try to gett it but did not succeed . Now painful

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - December - 2011, at 01:51 AM

  • Mouth sinus communication is one of the complications which can occur during tooth extraction. Maxillary sinus may be accidentally opened during molar tooth extraction as the upper molars have roots close to the sinus. Maxillary sinus perforation is more common when teeth project into the sinus than when there is considerable amount of bone between floor of sinus and root apices.  If the perforation is very small, then the blood clot filling the tooth extraction socket will close such small communications and the area will heal spontaneously. If the perforation is of considerable size, then absorbable materials are used and then sutures are placed across the socket to approximate the gingival tissue. For large openings, buccal flap is given. Some bleeding on day of tooth extraction is normal but if the bleeding continues for a long time or if there is profuse bleeding present, then you can visit your dentist for evaluation.  You should not blow your nose for weeks and keep your mouth open if sneezing is necessary. Avoid rinsing vigorously and take soft diet for several days. For pain relief, you can take the pain meds as prescribed to you. After 24 hours, you can do warm saline rinses to facilitate the healing of extraction socket. Don’t smoke or drink anything with straw as it can lead to negative pressure and increases the chances of dislodgment of blood clot. For more info on complications during tooth extraction, you can refer to….

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