am 37 year old.i have a problem in my teeth which has gaps in between so i need a opinion whether it is advisable to put braces or not and does it close after puting braces? and wil it saty for a long time?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 02 - November - 2011, at 04:31 AM

  • Gaps between teeth can be because of heredity or can occur because of some periodontal problems or can occur because of some missing tooth. If gaps in teeth are because of heredity, then you can get dental braces to close the gaps between teeth. Dental braces can be given to people of age 30-40 years of age. You can get ceramic braces to close the gaps between teeth. Ceramic braces are not visible from distance. Duration of dental braces is 18-24 months depending on the amount of gaps which are present between teeth. Retainers will be given to you after dental braces treatment to prevent relapse of treatment. If you don’t want to get dental braces, then you can get invisaligns to close gaps between teeth. Invisaligns are clear, removable transparent aligners. Retainers can also be given to close the gaps between teeth if gaps are small. To close the gaps, tooth bonding, dental lumineers, veneers or dental crowns can also be given to the patient. You can discuss about these options with your dentist. Gaps can also occur between teeth in case of periodontitis. If gaps are because of periodontitis, then you need to get treatment done for it. Missing tooth can also lead to gaps between teeth. Loss of Interdental contacts occurs because of missing tooth which can lead to gaps. If gaps are because of missing tooth, then get the missing tooth replaced. For more indo on dealing with gap tooth, you can refer to…

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