actually, i filled my teeth 3 yrs bfor,nw im refilled ,im not having any pain in my teeth ,but the doctor asking to do root canal.wat to do?at what situation we require a root canal?wat ive to do now

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 28 - July - 2011, at 10:49 AM

  • Root canal treatment is advised in the tooth which has to be refilled when secondary caries are there and the cavity becomes very deep. In some cases pain is not there and because of chronic infection, the pulp is infected and dead. In such cases root canal treatment is advised. If you donot get the root canal treatment done then pain and swelling can be there after the tooth is filled. So if you are concerned and not convinced that you donot need root canal treatment then you can take a second opinion from an Endodontist. For more info on root canal treatment you can read this article....

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