Dear Sir/Madam A couple of days ago i got hit in the face with an elbow (by accident). Since then my lip wound healed but one of my upper front teeth is still more sensitive than usual. I feel this sensitivity when i put pressure on it (it is not more sensitive when i drink a hot or cold beverage). The "pain" is far from unbearable, but it is very hard to concentrate on other things when i am constantly thinking about my tooth. I was wondering whether i should visit a dentist or will this heal by itself it has been three days since the accident. Kind Regards Gregorie

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 11 - January - 2012, at 00:06 AM

  • With trauma to the tooth, pulp can get irritated and cause pain and sensitivity. Pulp can recover on its own if not necrosed but if the pulp is necrosed, then you may have to go for root canal treatment of the tooth. It would be better to visit a dentist for evaluation. After clinical examination and after taking the x-rays, dentist will decide that whether root canal treatment is required or not. If damage to the pulp has occurred, then root canal treatment followed by dental crown will be required. By the time, you visit your dentist, avoid eating and biting from front teeth and do warm saline rinses. You can also take otc pain med for some pain relief. For more info on tooth trauma, refer to…..

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