I had my braces when i was like 11 years old and took them off 3 years later and at that time no a lot of people wore braces, not like today's current trend. Easy to say that my braces were a failure.Now, I have these stains from my braces on my front teeth and I’ve been living with these stains, be able to get rid of them for the past 9 years with whitening toothpaste and such. There is a white stain,in the shape of the braces on the front two teeth and also some other nasty stains.My teeth have currently a yellowish color to them despite me using whitening toothpaste. Financially, that’s a whole other issue since I don’t have dental insurance. The stains do stand out and I’m afraid if I use whitening strips, it would just make it worse and after the research I’ve done there are so many different teeth whitening products on the market.I want to boost my self confidence and at least take the smalls steps to getting that smile, which I myself, did not take of my teeth during my childhood days. As of now, I just think the stains are permanent unless you use the highly expensive techniques to maybe get rid of them. As of now, I'm just a student trying to solve the problem of my own doing when i was wearing braces and really regret. However, paying for the expensive techniques would be a problem and the whitening toothpastes aren't doing much.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - November - 2010, at 20:09 PM

  • We really understand your concern about the staining after the braces but the whitening tooth pastes arenot going to help you. For this you have to really visit the dentist and get rid of them. You can use some home remedies but even they are not going to be very helpful. Beautiful smile is an asset and it enchances the confidence. So in my opinion if you have to spend for this you should go ahead. Try to work out some thing and i assure your life will be much better. You can try some dental school where the treatment is cheaper then the prvate dentist. For more info on dental stains after the braces you can visit the following link.......www.identalhub.com/article_how-to-clean-stains-after-braces-437.aspx

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