help please. i have many cavities in my mouth and i dont know what to do. there are 3 major cavities that took over my teeth. im only 16 nd if i told my father he would explode! we dont have a lot of money thats why im scared. help please.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - June - 2011, at 18:48 PM

  • If you have cavities then you have to get them restored asap. If you delay the things then they can get deeper and you will start having pain and sensitivity and they you have have to go for Root Canal Treatment which is many times costlier than dental fillings. It is not abnormal to have dental cavities. So just discuss with your dad and get the treatment done. Getting cavities filled is not very costly affair and if you have insurance then it will be almost free otherwise you can look for dental school near your home as it is cheaper over there. You can also look for free dental clinic announcements by dentists in your city. For more info on dental cavities you can read this article...

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