Hi, I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed 2 1/2 weeks ago. Lots of swelling and some nerve damage due to the lower 2 wisdom teeth being impacted badly. The dental surgeon said it was hard work removing the lower 2. I went back a week later to have the stitches removed and he said they were healing nicely. The swelling has pretty much all gone away. I had oozing of awful tasting and smelling gunk for 2 weeks but that has pretty much all settled down (however I do have a slight awful smell in the mornings after I've slept, so perhaps there's a bit of oozing still). The last few days or so I have had quite bad pain on my lower right jaw (this side oozed the most). Not bad enough to take pain relief but pretty painful when I eat, yawn and swallow. It starts around the right gland under my chin (which hurts to press) and I feel it beside my ear (like earache) and it really hurts to open my mouth which makes it difficult to eat larger things (bananas are tricky)! I can't open it enough to clean the other bottom molar on the other side. I've been trying to gently force it open a bit, holding it open and the pain does seem to lessen a little as I do this (if I hold it open for 30 seconds). I am still brushing after all food and doing salt washes after all food. The numbness/ tingling was checked by the dental surgeon and he said it would recover in time. Is it normal to still have this jaw pain on the one side (which in my opinion is worse than it was a week ago)? It isn't painful 70% of the time if I am resting my jaw and sleep is no issue. Sore to touch and to use, if that makes sense!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - November - 2011, at 01:25 AM

  • Swelling and pain after wisdom tooth extraction is normal. If it was a difficult tooth extraction, then healing of tooth extraction socket may take 3weeks to 3 months. Bad taste and smell can be because of food deposits in extraction holes which later on regress. During tooth extraction, mouth has to be kept open for a long time which can lead to soreness of the jaw and pain. Jaw soreness can also be because of secondary infection of tooth extraction socket or can occur because of temporomandibular joint dysfunction during wisdom tooth extraction. You can try keeping the mouth open by inserting 3 fingers in mouth. Numbness can be because of nerve damage during tooth extraction which usually is a temporary phenomenon. Nerves getting stretched bruised or squashed cause numbness. Numbness will recover in some time.  You can continue with warm saline rinses and try to open your mouth by doing exercises. If soreness doesn’t regress, then you can visit your dentist. If secondary infection occurs in tooth extraction socket, then antibiotics will be given to you. In case of TMJ dysfunction because of wisdom tooth extraction, anti-inflammatory meds, heat therapy, rest and bite splint therapy may also be given. For more info on complications after tooth extraction, refer to….   http://www.identalhub.com/dental-complications-after-tooth-extraction-881.aspx

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