While eating dinner last night I bumped my front tooth with my spoon. It hurt pretty bad and has been extremely sensitive ever since. The tooth doesn't seem to be loose but I'm worried that I've damaged the tooth in some way. What should I do?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - January - 2011, at 19:43 PM

  • Do not do any thing. Avoid bitng from the front tooth and do not take any thing very hard. This type of trauma lke bumping the tooth with the spoon is normally self healing if the tooth is not irritated repeatedly or traumatized again and again. With in 2 to 3 days the senstivity will start decresing and with in a week the tooth will be normal. If the pain increases then you have to visit the dentist. Maintain very good oral hygeine. For more info on oral hygeine you can visit the following link...www.identalhub.com/dental-right-dental-care-products-for-oral-hygiene-578.aspx

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