respected sir, i have disalinged teeth both in upper and lower jaw,previously i have consulted one dentist-he replied that braces will be used to remove this defect,sir, is it possible to use braces without the extraction of any teeth. i don't want to extract any of my teeth. but the dentist whom i have consulted told two teeth both from upper and lower jaw will be extracted,, and one more quesn. which teeth shouldn't be extracted.

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  • Sweety Raymonds

    Sweety Raymonds 26 - October - 2010, at 23:11 PM

  • Actually it is recommended that teeth should be extracted because crooked or disaligned teeth because they do not provide sufficient support and causes muscle strain leaving the mouth to injury. people with disaligned teeth suffer from frequent teeth pain and are sensitive.

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 24 - October - 2010, at 05:34 AM

  • It is difficult to say whether the treatment is possible without extraction or not till the case is clinically examined. Normally when extraction is done the first premolars are extracted .If the treatment is possible only with extraction then you should get it done as you will be having well aligned teeth . For more info on braces you can visit the following

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