During my last visit to the dentist, he told me that he would be removing my braces in the next appointment. I’m happy as well as nervous now. I’m happy that I wouldn’t have to put up the braces now but I’m very nervous at the same time. Is it going to be a painful procedure? Will it hurt when the dentist removes the braces? Is it the end of procedure after braces removal or do I need 2 go to my dentist even after it. Plz reply. I’m going nuts when I think about my next appointment

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 02 - August - 2011, at 04:20 AM

  • When you know that your braces are going to come off finally, you will have mixed feelings about it. The thing is that you might not be sure of what to expect when Braces come off finally. You are sure to have had your braces on for a year or more and you wouldn’t be sure of what to expect once they are removed.

    Firstly, you are bound to be terribly excited about the whole thing. This means that you will want to flaunt your new found smile and the perfectly aligned in straight line teeth to one and all. But, there might be questions that arise in your mind such as, Is it going to hurt when the dentist removes the braces? Will there be any bleeding? Will your gums feel sore later on or will you be left with sensitive teeth? Also, you might wonder whether your gums might be left swollen and bruised.

    The first thing of what to expect when Braces come off finally is that your teeth will not only obviously be in a straight line but will also be at their best.

    There might be a bit of a discomfort for a few folks when they go on to remove their braces but that will only last for a few hours or maximum a day or two. The way an expert dentist or orthodontist will go about removing your braces will assure that you don’t have any kind of gum or teeth problems later on as well. The pain and soreness that might result in the braces being taken off is tolerable and you won’t need a pain killer to go about and numb the pain.

    The next thing that you have to remember about what to expect when Braces come off finally is that you will have to wear retainers. A whole lot of folks in their excitement of having the smile of their dreams completely forget about retainers and how crucial they are in order for you to be able to continue to maintain the position of your teeth in their newfound place.

    Also, if you feel that your teeth aren’t white enough then you might want to go in for professional cleaning or use teeth whitening strips. You need to follow your dentists directions and instructions and go for regular checkups, follow the most stringent of hygiene and also eat the kind of food that is recommended. All of this will make sure that you continue to have the most glorious of smiles ever.

    If you feel uncomfortable during the time that your braces are being taken off then it is a good idea to go ahead and let your dentist know about it. You need not be nervous about what to expect when Braces come off finally. It is much easier to remove your braces than to put them on.

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