The gums between two of my molars bleed and hurt every time I brush my teeth/floss. Also when I chew on that side, the spot hurts. It doesn't hurt when I bite down, so I'm assuming the pain is from food getting on the tender gum spot between those teeth. I recently went to the dentist, had xrays, cleaning, evaluation, etc. and nothing was found. I have never had a cavity and I had my wisdom teeth extracted when I was about 12. Since my visit to the dentist, my gums have been bleeding along the inner sides of my bottom teeth. Now this spot is bleeding and hurting. What could the cause be?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - August - 2011, at 00:23 AM

  • The pain and bleeding can be due to gum infection in that area. Gum infection could be because of deposition of plaque and calculus in that area or trauma to the gums in that area. Avoid food lodgment in between your molars by flossing there regularly. You have to maintain a good oral hygiene for this. Brush and floss regularly. You can also do warm saline rinses 3-4 times a day to reduce the gum swelling. Bleeding and sensitivity after dental cleaning is normal.  Plaque and calculus tends to deposit more on the lower front teeth and the upper back teeth.  When the plaque and calculus deposits are removed from the tooth, it causes sensitivity.  Avoid taking too hot and spicy foods for some time.  You can even use a desensitizing tooth paste to reduce the sensitivity which is there. The condition will rectify on its own.  If the sensitivity and pain doesn’t go in 2weeks, then consult your dentist for this. For more info on good oral hygiene, you can refer to the following article...

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