Hello. When I was 12 I fell while I was rollerblading. I cracked both my front teeth. I went to the dentist and had caps put on. After a short while the caps fell off. Over some time I developed a tooth abscess which eventually burst. My family was very neglectful so I had to deal with the pain then without any help. I'm 22 now and I'm wondering if there is any reason to deal with an abscess after that much time? Are there any consequences for having a chronic condition like this? Thanks for any advice. :-)

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - October - 2011, at 00:30 AM

  • There can be chronic abscess present in relation to the tooth. Chronic abscess occurs because of long standing, low grade infection and there are no symptoms present in case of chronic abscess. Discharge may occur from sinus opening in this. You need to get treatment done for the infected tooth. Dentist will take an x-ray to see whether the tooth can be saved or not. If the tooth can be saved, then root canal treatment is done for the tooth. If the tooth can’t be saved, then the tooth is extracted and the missing tooth can be replaced with dental implants. Dental implants are the best option for replacement of missing teeth. If you can’t afford dental implants, then you can get dental bridges for missing teeth replacement. Abscessed tooth if not treated can lead to perforation of bone and may affect the soft tissue causing cellulitis and osteomyelitis so it’s necessary to get treatment done for the tooth.  For more info on abscessed tooth, you can refer to following article…  http://www.identalhub.com/article_understanding-abscessed-tooth-204.aspx

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