Three months ago I had a bridge of five units placed on the upper right side, from the upper right central to the upper right 2nd biscupid. I mention that none of these teeth are missing. The bridge was from porcelain fused to a white zirconium structure. Two weeks ago a slice of porcelain fell off the upper right first biscupid; it broke off from the porcelain layer, not straight from the zirconium structure. The bridge was covered by a one year guarantee. As a solution, my doctor decided to cut the affected tooth from the rest of the bridge, which he already did; he will then smoother the edges where the cuts were made, and we will take an impression for a new tooth. I am not very happy with this solution. I am worried about the sustainability and durability of the remaining teeth, especially when it comes to the porcelain veneer. Is it possible to cut a tooth off a bridge and have the remaining crowns unaffected? What do you think of my doctor's solution? I would be very grateful for an answer. Best wishes, Irina I.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 26 - October - 2011, at 21:05 PM

  • If the ceramic has come off from the metal then cutting that part of tooth from rest of bridge and just giving that crown separately is not the right solution. First of all this is not very feasible thing as the metal of the adjacent teeth will also be affected and they may also develop holes and secondly if he tries to fit it in between then contacts with the adjacent teeth will not be proper and problem of food impaction will be there. So the best solution for this is to remove the whole bridge and get it repaired, if it comes out easily but if your dentist has to section the bridge to remove then whole bridge has to be made new. For more info on bridge you can read this article...

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