In the last 3 years I have had 4 episodes of extreme jaw pain. I went to my dentist and he couldn't find anything. He gave me antibiotics,thinking a tooth might be dying. The antibiotics helped and after a few days I was pain free. I had a tooth filled lady week and the day after I was on extreme pain. I went to another dentist because mine was out of town and she said the tooth was extremely infected, to the point it needed a root canal. She gave me antiobics and I felt better. My dentist did a root canal and said that the root was dead. I am on another round of antiobics and my jaw feels tight and my cheek hurts. I also feel like my glands in my neck are swollen. Should this round of antiobics kill the infection or should I go back again? ,

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - March - 2011, at 20:34 PM

  • After root canal for few days like 3 to 4 days the pain is there . The tooth takes time to settle down. If the pain is because of that then few precautions like not eating from that side, maintaining good oral hygiene, taking medication on time, will help to treat it. But if the infection is still there and you are feeling pain even after 10-12 days of getting root canal treatment done and the pain is increasing then this means, the tooth is still infected or the filling is high and in that case you have to go to dentist again and find out the cause. If it is due to high filling then filling will be adjusted by dentist by doing selective grinding but if it is due to infection then may be re-root canal treatement is needed. For more info on complications after root canal treatment you can read this article...

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