Thanks for taking my question. I haven't been to the Dentist for a cleaning in 2 years. My last visit I had 1/2 of a deep cleaning done, and did not complete the entire treatment. Today, I had scheduled an appointment for a cleaning and exam -- My Dr. diagnosed me with, "moderate chronic periodontitis. Most with this condition are much older than you, this causes tooth loss, and heart disease, and diabetes." my Dr. insisted on a "deep cleaning", which I had neither the time nor budget for, and refused to clean my teeth as I had scheduled. His explanation was, "A "cleaning" as you wanted today is a prophylactic treatment . . .those who govern my license and the powers that be in the dental world frown on this for it is a poor treatment choice" My question, is this accurate -- is someone with my condition better off doing nothing -- or getting the cleaning that I had scheduled, with a deep cleaning reserved for some time in the future as schedule and budget permit? Thanks in Advance, Janet

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 21 - July - 2011, at 10:01 AM

  • If you are sufferring from chronic peridontitis it is better to get the deep cleaning done. This will save your teeth and make your gums healthy. If you donot have time and budget for deep cleaning then it is better you go for normal scaling as something is better than nothing. This will also help you, though not to the extent of deep cleaning, but still the deposits will be removed and gums will become healthy. For more info on scaling and deep cleaning you can read this article....

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