in between two of my top teeth, I have had some swelling for about a week now. I have been paying close attention to it and have tried to take care of the area. However, today I was looking at it and there is a tiny dark spot, about the size of a tip of a pencil now in between the teeth. I am calling to make a dentist appointment on Monday but wanted a heads up on what it might be. I am not a heavy smoker, but have smoked in the past. Never more than a half a pack a week if any.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - April - 2010, at 20:34 PM

  • Swelling between the two front teeth is a common problem which can be due to some gum infection or trauma as the area is very sensitive. For this you can do warm saline rinses and take care not to irritate this area even while brusing. Brush very gently in this area. The black spot can be a stain or it can be due to minor bleeding point on the gum which can be because of inflammed gum So without clinical examination, it is difficult to comment. Keep doing warm saline rinses and keep good oral hygiene till you visit your dentist. For more info on gum diseases, you can read this article in our website..

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