My fiance' , Jennifer has been dealing with an ever worstening problem severe tmj w piriodic periods of complete locked jaw. also her teeth look like the enamel is mostly absent and thin where it is there. she has sen the same dentist throughout this over a 1 year ordeal. at this poin the aded features are as follows: loostening teeth painfull to the touch, tmj, 2 pea sised noduals undere the left side and the right side of the toung. Identical nodule on right buttock,2 more nodjules on left forarm, cronic fatigue cronic kidney stones. I know that these symtoms are quiet vairied. I do have an idea what this is but neet to run it buy someone not conected to this aria.Please help asap im ready to take her to the hospital. please respond asap

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 13 - January - 2012, at 00:28 AM

  • TMJ disorder can occur because of teeth grinding, accident injury to jaw or can occur because of diseases such as arthritis. TMJ disorder leads to locked jaw and can lead to pain in jaw muscles, clicking sounds and pain may spread to ears and can also cause headache and neck ache.  For treatment of TMJ disorders, physical therapy, muscles relaxants and splint therapy is given to the patient. In some cases, TMJ surgery may also be required to correct the TMJ defect. Your fiancé might be in habit of teeth grinding which could have lead to TMJ problem. Teeth grinding can occur because of stress or anxiety or can occur because of occlusal discrepancies. Teeth grinding can cause wear of tooth structure, loosening of teeth and can lead to soreness and TMJ problem. Mouth guard can be given to relax jaw muscles and to avoid damage to teeth and dental veneers or crowns can be given for the worn out teeth. TMJ disorder and teeth grinding doesn’t lead to nodules on body parts and kidney stone. You can take her to a hospital for her systemic condition and when her systemic condition is stabilized, then she can get dental treatment done. For more info on TMJ disorder, refer to…..

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