Hi, my dentist said i have periodontal disease with boneloss and my gums are sinking and i just noticed the skin under my tongue is sinking into my gums and the string under my tongue is getting short can you tell me how serious this is and what could be done about it and i am also in a lot of pain under my tongue from it can you email me back asap thank you. jennifer

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - May - 2010, at 20:33 PM

  • If you are sufferring from periodontal disease with bone loss, you have to get the treatment for this. The treatment is flap surgery with bone grafting otherwise the teeth will become mobile and you can lose them also. The pain below the tongue where the frenum attachment is there, is also because of infection and the bone loss. You have to visit the periodontist for the treatment. For the temporary relief you can start with warm saline rinses and maintain good oral hygiene. For more info on gum diseases you can read the following link in our website.. www.identalhub.com/article_understanding-gingival-flap-surgery-342.aspx

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