Hi everyone, I need some advice regarding my cracked tooth. I had a root canal over 6 years ago on a upper left molar that had a severe cavity. The root canal was successful and I completely forgot about it for a long time. In the past few months, however, the tooth started experience some sensitivity to hot and cold temperature foods and it started bothering me a little bit. I felt like there was probably a cavity in one of the adjacent teeth, but it didn't bother me too badly. I also stopped chewing on the left side of my mouth because when I did, it felt very uncomfortable when food got stuck. Today, I was eating and all of a sudden I felt a crunch, and realized that the tooth cracked. It is a crack along the teeth line, meaning that the tooth split into two halves with an inner half and an outer half. The outer half is stable and immovable, while the inner half can be wiggled substantially. This does not cause me any extreme pain but there is some slight discomfort. I would like to get a better idea of what I can expect when I make a dentist appointment. Will I have to get the tooth extracted and get an implant, and if so, what is a reasonable cost to expect? What are my options here? I am worried about the cost of an extraction and implant but seeing as how I am only 22, I would like to keep that tooth for as long as I can. If a crown is still an option, how much would that cost? Thank you!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 26 - March - 2011, at 20:23 PM

  • First of all you have to find out whether the tooth can be saved or not. If the crack is not going from centre and is not involving the pulp cavity and the canals the the tooth can be saved. The dentist will remove the movable part of the cracked tooth. After that they will restore the cracked part by giving post and core and above that Crown will be given. The cost of this can vary from place to place and material used. However the range is from $500 - $1000. If the tooth cannot be saved then implant has to be given after pulling out he tooth. The cost of dental implant and pulling tooth again varies from place to place and range is $2500 to $3500 including the restoration after dental implant. For more info on cracked tooth you can read this article.. www.identalhub.com/article_understanding-cracked-tooth-205.aspx

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