After my regular 9 mo dental check up, the health partners dentist told me that I had 4 cavities. We scheduled appts to fix them. The first cavaty was in the 2nd to the last tooth on my right side on the bottom deep in the gum area and at or near the nerve. He loaded me up with nova cane per my request, yet 3 times during the drilling I experienced pain. Afterward, the tooth really hurt. Instead of having the other fillings done, I used the next appointment to discuss that tooth. He said that it probably should come out, but maybe a root canal would save it, and set me up with an octodontist (spelling). The Octo guy did some probing and said that the tooth was a little loose, and probably cracked and it wouldn't be worth a root canal, and to go back to the regular dentist and have it pulled. I had the other 3 fillings done, but have not sched an appt to have the 1st one pulled. After 10 days or so, it quit hurting, but was still sore to chew on. After another 10 days to 2 weeks I could chew soft foods on that tooth. For several days now I have been able to chew medium hard foods on that side. The tooth seems to be getting better, and the loseness (in my mind) is tightening up. My thinking is that in filling the tooth he nicked or cut the nerve, it swelled up as any other bodily injury will do, and has been and still is in the process of healing. What do you think happened, and what should I do, if anything. Jim Jorgensen

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 07 - November - 2011, at 00:01 AM

  • While dental filling, nerve exposure can occur but it rarely causes crack and mobility of the tooth. If nerve gets exposed during dental filling, then severe pain occurs which will not regress on its own and root canal therapy will be required for it.  Pain may occur 3-4 days after dental filling as filling takes time to settle. Pain in the slightly loose tooth after dental filling can also be because of referred pain because of decay in other teeth which finally regressed when you got dental fillings done in other teeth.  If there is cracked tooth present, then it causes pain on pressure application. If the fracture line is vertical or the fracture line is present on the cervical portion of the tooth or in case of tooth looseness along with crack line, tooth extraction is done. Tooth can become loose because of trauma or can get loose because of plaque and calculus deposits present around teeth. When the deposits and the food accumulate around the tooth is removed, then the tooth becomes firm. Without clinical examination, it is difficult to comment that what was the exact reason of pain after dental filling and whether the tooth is cracked or not.  Avoid eating anything hard from this tooth and maintain a good oral hygiene to avoid any gum infections. If you are still having trouble with the tooth, then you can schedule an appointment with your dentist or you can take second opinion of some other dentist.  For more info on pain after dental filling, refer to….

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