Yesterday, I had my tooth extracted. I changed my gauze today and noticed that I have a huge flap of gum that was cut. Is this normal/routine? I have had teeth pulled in the past, and this just seems like a "rushed" or inexperienced dentist. Please help! Thank you!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 24 - June - 2011, at 09:47 AM

  • When the cut is given on gums then after removing the roots, sutures are given to proximate then and for healing to take place. In your case also this must have been done but if there is still huge gap then you have to see your dentist who will again put sutures and then healing with take place. Otherwise also the healing take place but it takes long may be 6 weeks to 3 months and chances of secondary infection are more.

  • Tiffany S.

    Tiffany S. 24 - June - 2011, at 08:19 AM

  • I was wondering how this worked out for you. I too just went to have an extraction and where they had to cut my gums to get to the roots, I now have a HUGE flap. I was wondering if it will ever grow together,etc? Please if you still see this contact me back. THanks

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 01 - August - 2010, at 10:20 AM

  • It depends upon the type of extraction. Your tooth was is quite a big tooth and if it is decayed then some times gum is cut. without seeing the case it is difficult to comment on this. but you shouLd follow all the instructions given by your dentist. for more info on do's and don'ts after tooth extraction you can visit the following link on our website.....'s-and-don'ts-after-tooth-extraction-153.aspx

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