Hi this is Joyce I'm a Year 10 student in Adelaide and I'm considersing on become a dentist in future. but I have some questions about this career and hope you can help me out! :D 1, what kind of eduction and training have you done? (e.g.subjects before going to uni and which uni did you go) 2, what are some hardships of the job? 3, what other life experience shall I have? 4, what is the best part of the job? 5, what made you go towards this job? 6, how much do you earn? thank you very much!!!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - August - 2011, at 02:11 AM

  • Most of the dental schools in Australia accept completion of bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an accredited university. Studies in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics and biology are kind of beneficial. You have to take GAMSAT that is graduate Australian Medical School Admission test for this and have to prepare for an interview. The dentistry program in Sydney University is for 4 years. Graduates of University of Sydney B Dent program will be qualified to practice a dentistry job after completion of 4year course.  Other dental schools in Australia are University of Melbourne School of dentistry which also have graduate entry and University of Adelaide School of dentistry, university of queens land faculty of dentistry.  Dentistry is a wonderful profession. You get both monetary and personal satisfaction in this profession.  If you are good in your work, then sky is the limit for you as far as earning is concerned. There is respect, money and satisfaction in the profession. If you are interested in dentistry, then study hard for it. Don’t worry about the money aspect. You will earn a lot provided you are good at the work.  Wish you good luck for your future.    

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