Need to straighten my teeth.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 04 - August - 2011, at 00:56 AM

  • For straightening of teeth, braces are the best and permanent treatment. You can choose from metal braces such as silver or gold or gold plated or tooth colored braces such as ceramic or plastic or the most aesthetic options such as lingual braces or invisalign braces which are the unseen braces. You have not mentioned your age. The braces treatment can be given even for adults. The duration of braces treatment is 18-24months depending upon the amount of malocclusion present and age. Other options available apart from braces are selective grinding, veneering. You can discuss about these options with your dentist. On the basis of crookedness present in your teeth, he can assess which method will be used for the treatment If you want to know more about the braces you can visit the following link...

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