I had a temporary filling put in a week ago. It is just a filling, the dentist just took out any food that might have been in my tooth, she DID NOT REMOVE decay, and then filled it while I am waiting to hear the estimates from my insurance company of work that she says my tooth may require before I decide what to do. My question is, since this temporary filling did not involve removing decay, and there was no medicine layer placed on the tooth before the filling to prevent further decay, while I am waiting could my tooth actually be getting worse? I guess the estimates could take 3 to 5 more weeks to get to me, so if I wait until then to make a decision, in the mean time could my tooth be further decaying meaning that it will be in a worse state than what it was in when the very temporary filling was put there? how much more damage could be taking place under the filling while I wait and should I wait the 3-5 weeks or just make a decision an get on with it. The decision is that if the dentist tries to drill the decay and exposes a nerve I would need root canal, and then she will not be able to do the more advanced temporary filling followed by a permanent filling, and I don't want to waste money trying for the fillings if in the end I am going to need a root canal or extraction if I choose that route instead). So I am asking if you think the wait is causing more harm than good at this point and should I move on it more quickly or is the temporary filling good enough for the time being? Thanks, Julia

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 14 - January - 2011, at 20:25 PM

  • As you got the temporary filling done after gross cleaning and decay is not removed, you are quite safe as for decay to progress, bacteria ferment the food particles to screte acid which in turn causes the dissolution of tooth and the decay. So if it is filled and your temp filling has not come out, your decay in not going to progress untill and unles the tooth is already infected. So you can wait for some time but during this duration you have to make it sure that temporary filling does not come out and there is no food lodgement. For more info about dental decay you can read in details from this link in our website... www.identalhub.com/dental-knowing-tooth-decay-and-its-modern-treatments-582.aspx

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