I just got 2 cavities filled on Tuesday...the 2 fillings are facing each other on neighboring teeth. After I left, I noticed a loud squeaking noise when I bite down. So I went back, and they ground the tooth down (it was a bit too long). this seemed to fix the issue, but now, 3 days later, the tooth seems to be shifting slightly when I use a straw or touch it with my tongue, and it is squeaking loudly (enough for my friend to hear from 6 feet away) when I chew. It doesn't hurt, but feels loose or like something is stuck between, and flossing hasn't helped either. What is going on??? I've never had this issue before! Thank you, Julie

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  • Elna

    Elna 24 - January - 2013, at 01:28 AM

  • On Oct. 23rd and Nov. 8, 2012 I got my amalgam fillings changed to white filling in my 2 mollars and 2 wisdom tooth. The next day all of my teeth started hurting and became sensitive. My jaw and right side of my head was hurting too. I am wondeing why all of my teeth hurts and became sensitive to hot and cold including the teeth that were not worked on. I phoned my Dentist on Christmas Eve. She phoned in an anti-biotec prescription to the Pharmacy. I took the anti-biotec and it helps a little bit. My head ache was gone but my teeh were still sensitive to hot and cold. One of my mollar was still hurting and loose. I went to the Dentist on Jan. 8. She check and even took an exray and told me there was nothing wrong but until now it is still loose and hurting (dull ache). It hurts if I chew on it so I am trying not use it. I am hoping I will get an answer. Thank you.

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 23 - July - 2010, at 20:03 PM

  • It looks like you have a fractured filling. You have not mentioned which filling you got. But this do happens when you bite down on the toot when the filling is high especially ni the fillings where the walls has to be built. The part you are feeling is moving or shifting is the part of the filling. You have to visit the dentist and get it fixed. For more info on dental fillings you have to visit the following link on our website....http://www.identalhub.com/article_advantages-and-disadvantages-of-composites-42.aspx

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