When I use mouthwash, should I use it before I brush or after I brush? Does it wash away the fluoride if I use it after? Should I also floss before I brush?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - August - 2010, at 18:08 PM

  • First of all, brushing has to be done to remove the gross debris present in the mouth. After this whatever food particles are left in between the teeth, which are not cleaned by brushing, should be removed by flossing. After flossing, any good antimicbrobial mouthwash containing fluoride, should be used. After using the mouthwash, you should not rinse the mouth with plain water atleast for 30 minutes. For more on oral hygiene, you can read the following article in our website for correct brushing, proper flossing and mouthwash use information.


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