Hello, i have very bad teeth (which i inherited from my father) and for the past year i have been going to the dentist several times a month for repeated root canals, fillings, ect... I have a tooth right now, actually, a molar, possibly tooth number 32 that has a hole on the bottom side. I can feel pain, which is ODD because i have had a root canal done on it in the past. They were recently trying to put a temporary crown on it, and guess what? It popped off! So i went back and the made a new temp and put that one on and, again, the crown popped off! (It's been a little over a week sense it's popped off, it only stayed on for 5 minuets each time i had the temp placed!) I'm actually going to the dentist today at 1:30 for a permanent crown to be placed, the other tooth (This is the same tooth with the hole in it, and has the pain and the temp keep popping off on) and I'm wondering, what might they do to the tooth? I'm hoping they'll do another root canal so i do not feel anymore pain. I'm also wondering about what they might do concerning the temp crown, it's obvious it's NOT going to stay on because each time it popped off! Do you think the tooth may have to be extracted? I am honestly okay with that if that's the last resort, i have had 3 molars and all my front teeth extracted in the last 2 years, I'm honestly used to pain. But yeah, the questions i want answered: 1. "Why won't the temp stay on? Each time it popped off i wasn't eating or doing anything for the temp to pop off, i was just sitting in the car with my mom and all the sudden, "POP!". It happened each time!" 2. "Why do i still feel pain in the tooth i had a root canal on?" 3. "What do you think they might do? Let's say if they do attempt putting a temp on again, and it pops off, let's say they do it 10 times and it kept popping off, what might they do then?"

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 02 - December - 2011, at 03:35 AM

  • You have not mentioned that when you got your root canal treatment done. Pain and soreness can be there for 2-3 weeks after root canal treatment. It may take 2-3 weeks for root canal to settle. If infection was severe before root canal treatment, then it takes some time for infection to subside completely. If you got root canal treatment done quite a long time back and tooth is paining, then it can be because of failure of root canal treatment. If a root canal is missed or in case, infection is still left in root canal, then root canal failure takes place and in this condition, root canal re-treatment or Apicoectomy is required to remove the infection. Prognosis for root canal re-treatment is not as good as root canal treatment done for the first time. If prognosis of tooth is poor, then tooth extraction may also be required.  Permanent Dental crown can be given on the tooth when there is no pain. Temporary dental crown is given to prevent adjacent teeth from shifting, to avoid food accumulation around the prepared tooth and to avoid sensitivity and for esthetic reasons. Temporary dental crowns are cemented with temporary dental cement which is not that strong as permanent dental cement. Temporary dental crown can come out if tooth preparation is not done properly or can pop off if temporary dental crown is not fabricated properly. Eating sticky foods with temporary dental crown, chewing something very hard or flossing around temporary dental crown can lead to fall of temporary dental crown. If it is tooth number 32, then you can get it pulled out. Tooth number 32 is wisdom tooth and it doesn’t aid in mastication and no treatment is usually required for it. If it is 32, then you can get it extracted.  If it is some other tooth, then you have to save it.  If pain is still present in the tooth and pain is because of root canal failure, then root canal re-treatment, Apicoectomy will be required. They will give you permanent dental crown when the pain in the tooth resides. You can get your other missing teeth replaced with dental implants, dental bridges or flippers. Maintain good oral hygiene to avoid infections. For more info on temporary dental crowns, refer to….   http://www.identalhub.com/dental-what-is-temporary-dental-crown-899.aspx

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