I had a root canal over a year ago. the molar that was affected had a crown. My dentist went through the crown to do the root canal then sealed it with a filling, which I'm sure is a standard procedure. My problem is that it still is extremely sensitive to the bite. if I iput any pressure on it at all it is sensitive. If i have any sucking in that area it sends me through the roof. I called my dentist several times, visited him once where he ground my tooth for a better bite. this helped for about a month and it started to be sensitive again. I've had my teeth cleaned, at my dentist, and they said that it could take up to a year to feel back to normal. It's now over a year and I don't see any difference. If this is normal then I need to know that.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - February - 2011, at 01:24 AM

  • No, it is not normal to have pain after such a long time. When root canal treatment is done initially it takes some time for the tooth to adjust but that is a week or two maximum three weeks. But your tooth is sensitive even after one year that means either the root canal treatment is not done properly or the tooth is again infected. It is better you take second opinion. If it is infected then you can go for re root canal treatment. For more info on re root canal treatment you can visit the following link.........www.identalhub.com/article_root-canal-re-treatment-304.aspx

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