Basically, my filling fell out some years ago, I think Oct. 2009, and I have since neglected seeking treatment for my tooth. I'm terrified and embarrassed to see a dentist, but I know I need treatment asap. Right now, there's a good chunk of the tooth missing, some down to the gum, and the larger part of the tooth is very loose. I am insured by UFCW, but my mom also has insurance, I'm just embarrassed to tell her after so many years... The hole goes through the gum now, but I don't feel much pain if any majority of the time. I'm looking for a dental office that accept insurance by UFCW that could give me a possible quote, and also let me know what procedures I'm looking at.... like I mentioned, I'm absolutely scared of the dentist and haven't been in almost 10 years, I'm only 21!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 22 - June - 2011, at 10:46 AM

  • First of all you have to go to dentist and get xray done and find out whether the tooth can be saved or not. If it can be saved then you have to go for Root Canal Treatment and above that you will need post and core and on top if it crown will be needed. But if it cannot be saved then it will be pulled out and then you have to either go for dental implant for fixed bridge. For checking UFCW Insurance accepting dentist, the best way is to google their website and go to their approved dentist who accepts that plan. This will save your money and you can get the estimate for whole treatment plan and your copayment. Mostly dental implants are not covered in dental insurance but Root Canal treatment, crown, post and core or tooth extraction and fixed bridges are covered in insurance subject to copay as per your plan. May be your dentist will need approval from insurance company before starting with treatment plan. For more info on root canal treatment need you can read this article...

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