Greetings, My name is Ken. I am 42 years old. I had a dental appointment on 04/06/11 for a deep cleaning. When I arrived the dentist who was supposed to work on me was so busy that another dentist did my cleaning. I have to mention that he didn't introduce himself so that made me nervous. I asked him what procedure he was going to perform just to make sure he wasn't some guy off the street. He said "Deep Cleaning" and I felt a little at ease. Anyway the dentist said he was going to try to perform the deep cleaning with out the numbing medication but it was to painful so he pulled out his needle and began injecting my lower gums. At first he did the left side which went pretty smooth and then he did the right side. When he injected the right side I almost jumped out of the chair because it was so painful. I assumed that he hit a nerve. So he proceeded to clean my teeth and when he was done I was impressed. They looked nice. He told me the pain medication would wear off in a few hours and I would be able to eat. When the medication wore off my right lower jaw/mouth was still very soar. I thought the pain would go away but it never did. Until this day I cannot open my mouth completely wide . It's like my jaw gets stuck and it is painful. Things I use to enjoy like burritos and hamburgers I can't because I cant open my mouth and when I attempt to it is so painful I can't explain it. I called the dentist and they did a follow up and said " Do some mouth stretching exercise and that should help". If the pain continues come back and we will send you out to a specialist. I am very nervous about my condition. It's very scary not being able to eat like I have been eating all my life. Can you give me some insight on this matter? Thank you.

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  • Nancy

    Nancy 10 - June - 2015, at 10:49 AM

  • Just had two fillings, one on either side upper. One was the "eye" tooth and the other side was the tooth just behind the eye tooth. All seemed to go normal, but it is almost 4 hours later and is it normal to have one side of your smile way up and the other side way down? I've never had this happen before and just a tad nervous. Everyone one here is saying that all should be back to normal after 2-3 hours and mine is now almost 4 hours. Thank you.

  • Cassandra

    Cassandra 24 - April - 2015, at 08:56 AM

  • On 03/31/2015 I was going in to get a right side back tooth pulled. The dentist tried to get me numb with two rounds of the anesthetic, but my bottom right lip never got numb so procedure was rescheduled for another day. The next 4 days after that were horrible and painful on the inside of my cheek. I took ibuprofen for pain, but at times it would just throb contstantly and the pain medicine wasn't working well. Finally my cheek got better, but now I cannot open my mouth wide at all anymore. It almost feels like a rubber band is at the back right side of my mouth that's preventing me from opening it wide. At first it was painful to even try and open it, but it has gradually improved and I can try to force it open better without a lot of pain. I called the dentist about 10 days after the procedure, and he said to do mouth exercises by pulling down my bottom jaw and holding for 30 secs throughout the day. It has been 18 days now and I still can't open wide and I still feel the tension on that back right side. I've had several teeth pulled in the past and have never had any problems getting numb. Could my problem be anesthetic in the muscle causing my jaw muscle to contract or something? And will it get better?

  • Mrs Gallagher

    Mrs Gallagher 23 - April - 2015, at 17:20 PM

  • What should my course of action be? Thanks again.

  • Mrs Gallagher

    Mrs Gallagher 23 - April - 2015, at 17:16 PM

  • Also I'm beginning to have mouth pain this evening. It seems to center in the jaw, 4-5 teeth back from my chin. I had been back to the oral surgeon AND my dentist, to have them check that area, and neither could find the problem. I wonder if the oral surgeon damaged something. I mean everybody makes mistakes. I'm not wanting to sue anybody. I was willing to live with pain the rest of my life, if I needed to, but the swelling coming back is a mystery. I do also have a slight tinge of black under the skin of my jaw, in that same area. When I first had the extraction, I had a lot of bruising in that same area (though a bit higher, before gravity pulled it down). I keep wondering if I have continued internal bleeding, from a mistake made by the oral surgeon. Is that possible? Thanks.

  • Mrs Gallagher

    Mrs Gallagher 23 - April - 2015, at 17:03 PM

  • I had bottom left wisdom tooth extracted on 3/26. The next day a lump came up in the front of my cheek, just above the jaw, near to my chin and mouth - not at the extraction site. In all I've had 2 rounds of Clindamycin and a Medrol pack, then when I was still having a lot of swelling, my family doctor prescribed 6 days of Prednisone, 3x daily. That finally got ALL the swelling down, by 4/21, when I took the last Prednisone...2 days ago. With the swelling down, I could feel that just above my jawline, all across, from my chin to my extraction area, the muscle didn't feel right, compared to the other side. By evening, the day I finished the Prednisone, my cheek and gums began swelling. I'm also swollen all along my jaw, on that side, just above the jawline. Now, 2 days later, it's more swollen, all through that side. I'm also having pains in my lymph nodes in the back of my head, and the ones in the front of my neck are very swollen. The lymph nodes are why I began all this - I knew the wisdom tooth had problems, and went to my dentist. They've been swollen since Christmas. But the pains have increased a lot, tonight. What is going on? BTW - my mouth wasn't able to open, after the extraction, not even to stick my pinky finger into my mouth. Now I can ALMOST get my pinky and ring finger into my mouth, when stacked together. That's how I've been measuring my progress. I thought it was lockjaw at first...but the oral surgeon said it's only caused by the swelling. I've been doing the exercises to hopefully help this. But the NEW swelling is over the top ! The swelling was totally gone when on Prednisone...and when I got done with that - and all my antibiotic gone - now I'm swollen again. Please help.

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