My problem is a lil weird. Actually I have yellow teeth. Though I have been very regular in brushing my teeth, but still I don’t know what is the cause of this yellowing. I have heard that there are several home remedies that can make my teeth look white. Are you aware of any such remedies?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 13 - December - 2010, at 23:07 PM

  •  There are so many chemically formulated products attainable in the teeth whitening industry, but these are not found to be really productive. Furthermore these can provoke constant damage on your teeth if employed for long duration of time. There are certain natural home remedies for teeth whitening. These natural treatments are simply attainable and have no drawbacks.



     Some among these natural home remedies for teeth whitening are:

    -          A combination of vinegar, table salt and baking soda is beneficial in the process of teeth whitening. It is really beneficial in protecting the teeth from attack of germs. This teeth cleaning combination is also helpful in taking off teeth stains.

    -          Take a tablespoon half of baking soda and add some drops of hydrogen peroxide. Use the device to clean the teeth and just cleanse teeth with this combination more than four times in a week. It will aid you to get out of teeth strain issues and also make your teeth shiny and white. In certain circumstances it can provoke discomfort but it isn´t not an alarming signal. It will not do any damage to gums and teeth.



    Some other tips include:

    -          Break a few walnuts and then utilize the powder instead of tooth paste. It will keep your precious teeth from becoming yellow and also save them from germinal attack.

    -          Take some tender leaves of basil or tulsi. Smash the leaves and add shells of orange to it. Now rinse your teeth with this product, it will create your teeth shiny and white.

    -          Take a tablespoon half of iodine salt and then add a table spoon half of baking soda to it. Employ this combination as a paste and wash your teeth using this combination. It will keep you from tooth problems and also makes the gums and teeth more healthy and strong.

    -          Put a few drops of lemon juice on the tooth cleaner and then thoroughly wash your teeth. It is beneficial in the teeth whitening process.

    -          Take a table spoon full of salt and add a cup of water to it. Still the solution and this mixture protect your teeth from all sorts of problems and it also aids in the teeth whitening process.

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