I have been wearing my braces from past 4 months. My mouth is a lil too sensitive and I have had sores, or cross bite due to these braces. Is it possible to cure these sores? It is really hurting me. Plz answer me soon!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 13 - December - 2010, at 23:05 PM

  • Crossbite may not be an issue for some people. This is actually a kind of dental issue that happens to lot of people, but most of them will not mind it at all. It is a phenomenon wherein a tooth or a set of teeth is much closer to the tongue or to the cheek than the corresponding upper or lower set of teeth. Some crossbites are very noticeable and even hinder the person’s chewing capability or in worst cases, it can have negative effect on the person's speech and appearance. Crossbite problems, which occur on the back part of the mouth, are not given much attention.

    Children, having minor or mild crossbite issues, can be treated easily. They can use palatial expander which helps widen the palate can actually correct most of the bite issues. Furthermore, adults who are starting to be mindful of their bite issues can actually try utilizing the palatial expander but it fully depends if the tooth movement is enough to resolve the issue. Unlike younger persons, the correction process using the tooth expander will usually take a bit longer.

    When a crossbite is so severe that the use of palatial expander would no longer be enough to solve the issue such as deformed facial appearance or perhaps the speech capability is drastically affected, a person may still fix the issue through a crossbite surgery. Though surgery is a sure treatment, everyone is advised to make use of the available remedies before going to certain surgical operations. A combination of expander such as braces is always good to start with. Dental practitioners can really give the best solution to that issue.

    Furthermore, doing personal research would also help a lot. A patient may seek online for answers to the problem or he/she may look for online forums that offer solutions to the issue. The internet is the portal to many possibilities and options such as knowing the best dental clinic in town. Or perhaps with the brand new breakthrough of Invisalign, a person may ask his/her doctor if that is one of the options available for the cure of the issue.

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