Can smoking cause any damage to my teeth? I know that smoking is bad for lungs, but is it bad for teeth too?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 13 - December - 2010, at 23:04 PM



    Lots of researches have shown the bad effects of smoking on your total health. Smoking increases your possibilities of having a stroke or cardiac arrest, and is one of the principal causes of lung cancer. Smoking also drives to the following oral cavity diseases and issues like: increased risk of developing oral cancer, lower success rate of dental implant procedures, delayed healing process following oral surgery, periodontal treatment, or tooth extraction, increased danger of developing gum issues, a major cause of tooth loss, leukoplakia will be at high risk, white colored spots inside the oral cavity, sudden loss of bone within the jaw, increased sedimentation of tartar and plaque on the teeth, inflammation of the salivary gland opening on the roof of the mouth, tooth discoloration, bad breath.

    Most tobacco products including smoking can drive to gum disease by affecting the connection of soft tissue and bone to your teeth. More particularly, it seems that smoking intervenes with the genuine action of tissue cells of gum. This procedure makes smoking people more exposable to infections such as periodontal disease and also appears to impair blood flow to the cavities, which may influence wound healing procedure.

    Even cigarettes, cigars and pipes lead to oral health issues. According to studies, cigar smokers experience alveolar bone loss and tooth loss at rates equal to cigarette smokers.

    Smoking provokes total tooth discoloration or tooth stains. Veneers or teeth whitening process can lower or take off the staining. One of the principal causes of bad breath is smoking. Not only does smoking provide you dry oral cavity, but nicotine and tar sedimentate in your mouth, driving to a special condition called smokers breath. Gum disease, another oral problem because of smoking, also cause bad breath.

    Smoking hikes the amount of dental plaque in your oral cavity; it is really difficult to take off. This gradually drives to tooth decay and dental tartar.

    Unluckily, cigar rate smoking people also like to be more careless with their oral health.

    The chemical substance in cigarettes is really addictive, and drives smokers reaching for their packets. But as difficult as it is, you can quit smoking. Quitting the smoking habit will normally lower the risk of many health related issues.

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