I have a 12 year old kid Ryan. His teeth are a little disoriented. I am facing a real tough time convincing him to put on his braces. But honestly, even I am confused as to whether it is safe for him to wear braces. I do not want that he loose his confidence if his friends laugh at him. Please suggest what to do?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 13 - December - 2010, at 22:59 PM

  • Some kids do not like to wear their braces despite some dental issues such as improper alignment of teeth or perhaps bite issues. Quite a few are afraid that they will look old and ugly; however, some would like the sparkles whenever talk and the elegance that it may seem to give. No matter what the kid’s reason of not using it, parents should try their best to convince their kids in wearing it. Nowadays, an increasing number of kids are having some dental issues that range from misaligned teeth to bite issues.

    With constant research in the field of dental profession, kids should not be worried to be laughed at in school because there are several choices than the traditional kind of braces, which are using some kind of metal and have been dominant in the past decades. Other options right now are lingual braces, white braces, and white braces. When a kid is afraid that he/she bullied in school for wearing barbwires, then parents can opt for lingual braces. This, a bit sophisticated type of brace, actually needs special training for orthodontist to apply this. Moreover, this will need more practice for the part of the patient because this can even affect the talking capacity or even hurt the tongue.

    Porcelain or ceramic braces are much less noticeable because they are made in such a way that it seems they are not present in the mouth. They are also some somewhat made of metal but a bit expensive one. Another option is the so-called white braces or Invisaligns. They are almost unnoticeable since the actual aligners are plastic-made. Not all type of Invisaligns is available for the kids since some of them are just for adult people.

    Indeed, there are many ways to correct some issues with our teeth but without proper maintenance, the loads of cash may just be wasted. Kids should start taking good care of their teeth as early as possible and parents should always give advice to their kids about proper tooth care. It is better to give many advices than lack of it. It is better also to correct dental issues as early as possible to avoid worse scenarios that may happen soon.

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