My 4 yr old has been in pain for 2 days crying about her teeth, ear and cheek hurting. Took her to the ER lastnight and she has an inner ear infection, but she also has a cavity on her right top molar. We cant get to the dentist until moinday due to the holiday. I have bn giving her prescribed allergy meds and ear drops for her ear and tylenol and advil off and on when she needs it. Im afraid im going to make her worse. Also have tried ice packs with no relief. Is it common for the cavity to cause this much pain or could she be teethind? I feel helpless in trying to soothe her. Thanks.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 25 - November - 2011, at 04:07 AM

  • Pain in tooth can be because of cavity in the baby tooth or can be because of teething. Deep cavity in relation to tooth can cause severe pain. If cavity in relation to baby tooth is deep, then pulpectomy would be required. If tooth is unrestorable, then milk tooth extraction followed by space maintainers may also be required. Pain can also be because of teething. Teething causes irritation, slight fever, clinging behavior red swollen cheeks and tugging at ears. Gums are red and swollen during teething and if pain is because of teething, then you can give her chilled hard fruits and vegetables and can rub her gums with fingers. By the time, you visit a dentist to get treatment done; you can give per pain meds for some relief. Make sure that there are no food deposits in the cavity which will aggravate the pain. Putting cotton saturated with turmeric powder may provide some relief to your daughter. Turmeric powder is an antibiotic and will control the infection. You can take her to a pedodontist who is specialist in children dentistry. For more info on cavities in children, refer to…

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