my boyfriend just got home from getting his wisdom teeth cut. he is in alot of pain and complaining of bleedingin mouth, when is it ok for him to take ibuprofun, amoxicillin, or hydrocodone? i had him softly rinse with very lightly salted luke warm water, and sit with an icepack.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - October - 2011, at 04:00 AM

  • Pain and bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction is normal. For pain relief, he can take some pain meds.  First dose of pain med should be taken before the effect of local anesthesia wears off. Pain med should be preferably taken after consultation of dentist. He can take ibuprofen or hydrocodone for pain relief and can take amoxicillin antibiotic to control the infection. He has to take soft, cold and liquid diet today and should avoid taking food from tooth extraction socket area. Warm saline rinses are to be done 24 hours after tooth extraction. He should not spit forcefully and should not smoke for other few days as it delays the healing process of the tooth extraction socket. He should not take aerated drinks and should not take liquids with a straw which can lead to dislodgement of clot.  For control of bleeding, he can keep a gauze pack over the tooth extraction socket and can bite on it with equal pressure. If the bleeding is profuse, then he can change gauze pack after 30mins. He can also bite on ice tea bags to control bleeding. Cold fermentation from outside can also be done to reduce the swelling.  He has to follow all the instructions given by his dentist to avoid any infection. If pain is unbearable, then he can consult his oral surgeon. For more info on care after wisdom tooth extraction, you can refer to following article…

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