My orthodontist wont be back in office until end of week and i am desperate for answers to some questions. I started invisalign 4 days ago and am experencing pain, as expected. However, my gums are extremely itchy and gets so bad at times i i take trays out for a little. Gums do not look irritated or abnormal in any way. At bedtime, i apply mi paste to teeth and gums, spit excess saliva, then insert trays. Not sure if mi paste is irritating my gums and making itching worse because notice the itching is worse 30 mins after apply and have rinse mouth and trays. Is the itching normal when start invisalign treatment? Could the mi paste be a contributing factor? Will i experience this throughout entire treatment period or will it go away? If itching common when start treatment, how long until i can expect some relief?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - September - 2011, at 19:41 PM

  • During Invisalign treatment intially it is normal to have itching and discomfort as the invisalign trays are covering the gums and at the same time causing the tooth movement. This MI paste is basically not for gums. It is for remineralization of teeth if there is any incipient or initial lesion on the tooth. It's main ingredient is CPP-ACP which is used for tooth remineralization. So may be this is aggavating your condition of itiching in the gums. For itching during invisalign treatment you can do warm saline rinses and use some gum paint available otc. Maintain very good oral hygiene. You can use some antimicrobial mouthwash also which will help. This condition of itching and discomfort will not be during whole  of treatment period but will last around a week or 10 days till you become used to the treatment. For more info on invisalign you can read this article....

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