Hi My Name Is Lacola And I'm 14 Years Old. When I Was Around 8 Years Old I Had Mouth Surgery Because I Had Really Bad Teeth. After Around When I Was About 10 I Started Seeing Effect On My Left Front Tooth. My Gum Seems Like It Was Almost Gone, Like My Whole Tooth Was Visible To See, And It Was Pushed Outwards Further Than My Right One. So It's Longer And Pushed Out Further. I've Tried Another Dentist But They Act Like There Was Nothing That Could Be Done.But I'm A Girl And I Really Want That Pretty Smile, I Never Show My Teeth Because I'm Ashamed So Please Help Me Understand That Some Method Could Be Done To Fix My Tooth.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - December - 2011, at 01:56 AM

  • Condition in which the gums move towards the end of roots and root of the tooth is exposed is known as gums recession. Gum recession can occur because of faulty tooth brushing, tooth malpositioning in dental arch, traumatic bite, gum infections or because of clenching or grinding of teeth. Exposure of the root of the tooth causes tooth sensitivity and looks unaesthetic. If gums recession is severe, then periodontal surgery will be required for it and regeneration or gingival grafting may also be required. If gums recession is mild, then desensitizing tooth paste or restoration can be done. If your teeth have moved outwards and are not aligned, then dental braces, invisaligns or cosmetic procedures like dental lumineers, veneers or dental crowns is required. Cosmetic procedures are faster as compared to braces treatment. Without clinical examination, it is difficult to give definite answer. You can visit a periodontist who is gums specialist for treatment of gums recession. For more info on gums recession, refer to…  http://www.identalhub.com/article_treatment-and-causes-of-gum-recession-887.aspx

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