In May I went to get my teeth cleaned. I had a little pain on a lower front tooth. The dentist, Dr. W decided I needed a root canal, but on a differ lower tooth which was discolored from an injury 5 years ago. That tooth did not hurt, but he said it was the one that needed a root canal. He also replaced two fillings I had which were not bothering me, but he insisted that since they were over 25 years old I needed to replace them. I had him to put some bonding on a gap on one of my front teeth. My teeth have given me nothing but trouble ever since. I went to another dentist,Dr. G he stated the first root canal was not finished. I went to an endodentist to have a root canal done on that tooth. It took 2 more times before he could redo it. It was too calsified. He stated the tooth which was hurting to begin with needs a root canal still, but it was very calsified. NOW, all my teeth hurt, including the one where I have had 3 root canals done. My teeth burn and hurt all the time. My bite is off, I am constantly biting my cheek. The dentist, Dr. G seems to think it is ok. I am tired of the pain. The roof of mouth, jaw bones, teeth, and even my tongue hurts especially at night. The bonded tooth on top has caused the teeth next to it to hurt. I am taking motrin for pain and gargling with warm salt water at night. Who do I need to go to get my teeth and mouth fix? What am I to expect to be done? I have never had so much trouble in my life. I have been told I have good teeth, but I want to just get them all pulled and live with dentures - this pain is almost unbearable.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - December - 2011, at 23:39 PM

  • Trauma can make the tooth dead and tooth becomes discolored in such cases. Root canal treatment is done for non-vital discolored tooth. Pain can be because of infection in tooth which may be radiating to other teeth. If there is high point present in any of the fillings or prosthesis, then it will result in bad bite and can lead to cheek biting. Abscess, infection in relation to teeth can also lead to pain. Without clinical examination, it is difficult to determine exact reason of pain and burning sensation. You can visit some reputed dentist after consultation of your friends and family for evaluation. If there is some high point on any of the fillings or prosthesis, then selective grinding can be done to correct it. If there is abscess in any of the tooth, then root canal treatment can be done for infected tooth. You can continue with warm saline rinses.  

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