my granbaby knocked both of her front teeth out today we took her to the ER and they said nothing could be done bothe teeth in the front came completly out is there anythinmg that can be done ?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 06 - June - 2010, at 19:41 PM

  • You have not mentioned the age of granbaby. If the teeth are baby teeth and it has come out completely then they are not reimplanted as they can affect the permanent teeth buds which are lying adjacent to the roots of baby teeth. Just take care that the wound does not get infected and maintain good oral hygiene. Donot give her any thing which can irritate the wound. You have to go to Pedodontist (Child dental specialist) to see the position of the permanent teeth buds. For more info on children dentistry,you can read the following article in our website...

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