Hi, I have three dental implants. I have two in the lower back on the bottom, and one on the lower back on the top. I had braces prior to getting my impants done, but I feel like my teeth shifted. I was wondering if it is still possible for me to get again although I have implants now?

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  • ali ibrahim

    ali ibrahim 11 - March - 2012, at 16:26 PM

  • i have one implant and one porclain crown representing my two front top teeth. one tooth is attachee to a screw in my gums and as a kid i used to suck my thumb. is it still possible for braces?

  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 25 - September - 2011, at 23:00 PM

  • Lindsay, You can’t have braces after dental implants as it can cause pressure on the implanted teeth and can cause failure of implants. Apart from bonding and braces, you can get lumineers or veneers or crowns to correct the alignment of your canine. Veneers are further of 2 types, ceramic and composite ones. You can opt for any of them. You can discuss about these options with your dentist.

  • Lindsay

    Lindsay 24 - September - 2011, at 13:44 PM

  • All my premolars are implants and I have one canine tooth up in my gumline a bit that I wanted brought down so I don't have to keep getting bonding done. I'm wondering if braces would be an option for me?

  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 20 - September - 2011, at 02:10 AM

  • Lily, If there are cracked teeth in mouth, it doesn’t necessarily means that the tooth needs to be extracted and needs to be replaced with implants. If the fracture line is vertical or there is cervical root fracture, then only the teeth are removed. Otherwise root canal treatment along with capping can be given to the patient to repair cracked tooth. Cracked tooth can be because of big filling in the mouth or can be because of trauma or can be because of bruxism that is teeth grinding. Bruxism can be because of anxiety, malocclusion of teeth and if it is because of malocclusion, then you need to get it corrected. Braces treatment is not mostly given on the implants. You can discuss this with your orthodontist. If the implants are needed in the back teeth, then the front teeth can be moved and can be corrected.

  • Lily

    Lily 19 - September - 2011, at 13:56 PM

  • I recently had a molar with a fractured cusp prepared for an all-zirconia crown. After the prep, my tooth began hurting when I chewed crunchy foods. The dentist says the tooth must still be fractured and is sending me to an endodontist for a root canal. This tooth had never had any fillings or decay. He said there is a slight chance the tooth is cracked so badly that it may need to be extracted. Before all this, we were talking about doing Invisalign on my bottom teeth. I have five cracked teeth, all molars and pre-molars, so I have four more crowns to go. I had braces when I was a kid, and my top teeth look okay, except for slightly noticible incisal wear. My bottom teeth are definitely overlapping, but the problems are not hugely noticible. My main motive for considering orthodontics is not cosmetic. The dentist thinks the Invisalign will help prevent me from getting more fractured teeth by fixing the problems with my occlusion that are causing me to grind my teeth. So, what happens if I go to the endo, he starts the root canal, finds out the tooth is broken all the way through, and has to extract the molar and put in an implant? Does this mean I can not fix the problems with my front teeth? I am only 30, in good health, only two cavities in my life. I feel so frustrated because everyone is telling me there isn't anything I can do to save my teeth from all this. :(

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