doctor, my dentist has removred my upper braces wire and put on elastics on the front teeth. iam afraid that my teeth will start to go back to its previous state although he said it was only for a week. i just wanted to know if he is doing something wrong.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 18 - January - 2012, at 02:21 AM

  • Elastics are given to correct the bite, for midline to shift or to pull teeth and jaws in desired action. They are given for a period of weeks to months to years depending on how bad bite of the patient is and is made in different sizes and diameters. Your teeth will not move back to your previous state. Your orthodontist must have removed braces wire and put elastics considering treatment plan. Have faith on your orthodontist. Wear elastics as told by your dentist. If you are not convinced, then you can take a second opinion. Without examination and without seeing your study models, it is difficult to comment. For more info on how do dental braces work, refer to…..

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