My husband had two teeth extracted earlier today and at one site it was necessary to have the tooth drilled out. Now the problem is that the anti-coagulant fell out earlier and he has had an excessive amount of bleeding all afternoon. I am not sure what to do, it is to late to go to the office tonight and I don't know if there is a point we should be worried about if it wont stop by morning. Any advice would be amazing. Thanks

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 03 - November - 2011, at 23:23 PM

  • Oozing of blood for 24 hours after tooth extraction is normal. If surgical tooth extraction is done to pull out the tooth, then it may bleed for longer time. Anticoagulant drugs like aspirin should be avoided before tooth extraction as increases the incidence of bleeding. To control the bleeding, your husband can put a gauze pack over tooth extraction socket. He should not irritate the tooth extraction socket too much. If the gauze pack gets filled with blood, then change the gauze pack after every 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Your husband can also bite on moist ice tea bags. It has tannic acid present which helps in reducing the bleeding. Your husband can take rest with head at slightly elevated position and he should avoid vigorous rinsing as it can lead to dislodgement of clot. If bleeding is profuse, then your husband can consult your dental surgeon or can visit ER. Your husband should take soft liquid diet today and should avoid eating from that side of tooth extraction socket. After 24 hours, he can start doing warm saline rinses which will facilitate the healing process of tooth extraction socket. He should take the meds prescribed to him by his oral surgeon and should follow all his instructions to avoid infection of tooth extraction socket. For more info on bleeding after tooth extraction, you can refer to…

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