I recently had a root canal done a little more than a week ago, which had a good amount of decay, followed by a temporary crown. Dentist said it went well; thorough. But, I experienced immense, unbearable pain the following two days. I took anti-biotics/anti-flammatory. A week later I went in for the final crown, but for the next two days experienced almost as much pain as I did before. The pain would mostly come when I lay down on my pillow and on waking up. I sit up and immense throbbing on the right side of my face. After sitting up for a while, it slowly subsides. But when I go back to lay down, i can feel discomfort and pressure on the back of my head around my neck. I went in today and my dentist performed an external test on my root canal tooth (tapped, bite, cold water) but didn't really feel pain, more so on the surrounding teeth were quite sensitive to cold water. He also put pressure on my jaw and had me open and close. He concluded, the pain was due to clenching at night (typical case of TMJ) and not the root canal. he shaved down my crown and gave me a temporary night guard. I still feel the pain (back of my head transcedning as a toothache on my face) when i came back to take a nap w/the guard. Do you tihnk his diagnosis is correct and if so, given my crown has been shaven down and i have a night guard, will the pain now subside? AND what about this pressure felt on the back of my head which seems to induce tootache-like pain? thanks ahead of time.

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  • Samantha

    Samantha 20 - September - 2010, at 01:03 AM

  • Yes, they will pull it, you more than likely have to at this point.There isn't much that helps I've found.Here's the best of all that I've tried: Listerine mint strips. Let them dissolve directly on the area. I know it sounds strange but it works at least a little. Get yourself a hot water bottle. Numbing gels or liquids. You can find these at Walgreens. Do NOT let this get worse. If left unchecked an infection like this can work into your brain, cause insanity and eventually death.

  • Selena A

    Selena A 19 - September - 2010, at 23:55 PM

  • I am having painful tooth, gums totally swollen around it and the roof of the mouth, what can one do to come out from the pain? Please let me know!

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - May - 2010, at 19:12 PM

  • You have not written whether before getting Root Canal Treatment done, whether you were having TMJ problem like clenching of teeth. If you had this problem before then healing after root canal treatment is delayed and you can feel pain after Root Canal Treatment. But sometimes clenching starts afterwards as the crown given is high. As your dentist has shaven off the crown and given you temp night guard, it will definately help in healing and the pain will go within 3-4 days. But if the pain is because of infection, then you will continue feeling the pain. For more info on problems after root canal treatment you can read this article or in case you still have something to ask then write to us. www.identalhub.com/article_complications-and-care-after-root-canal-therapy-106.aspx

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