I am 45 yrs old, I have not had dental insurance since I was 26 yrs old, and I have not been to the dentist in 15yrs. The last few visits to the dentist I did have were the lowest cost treatments, and they pulled nearly all my top teeth and gave me a partial. My experiences were very negative, and I am scared to death of dentists now. At any rate, you can imagine the condition of my remaining teeth and my gums, and I am starting to suspect they are now making me ill. I realize dental care has come a long way in 15 yrs, but I still have no insurance, so I suspect my next visit will mean getting dentures, My question: Can you tell me the cost difference between going for implants vs. dentures? All my wisdom teeth are gone, I am missing only one molar on the bottom, and have only 3 teeth remaining (molars) on the top. If they were not to pull my bottom teeth, I would definitely require multiple root canals, which I just cannot afford. I have kept up with my teeth, and I still smile all the time, but you know there is more to oral hygiene than that. So, Dentures vs. implants? Thank you.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 20 - April - 2010, at 10:15 AM

  • You donot have to get the wisdom teeth replaced as they donot help in mastication of food. For lower missing tooth, you can go for fixed bridge or dental implants. For the upper teeth where you have only 3 molars, your options are either dental implants or the dentures. For lower missing tooth you will be needing 3 unit dental bridge and cost of 3 unit bridge will cost you around $2500-$3500 depending on dentist to dentist and place to place. If you go for implant in lower the cost of dental implant per tooth with dental crown on top will cost you around $3500-$5000 again varying from dentist to dentist and material used. For the replacement of upper teeth, the number of dental implants depends upon the support required. It can vary from 4-5 implants and above implants denture will be given. The cost of each implant will be around $2500 without crown and if you go for dentures without implants the cost will be around $2000. for more on crowns and dentures you can browse the following link in our website..

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