A few years ago I had my dentist recommend to extract most all of my molars instead of trying to save them. Now I'm 28 with upper and lower partials and I hate them so much I don't even wear them. It is very embarrassing. I also need my natural teeth whitened. Baisiclly I got Skipped with the nice healthy theeth and no matter what I do they aren't whT I would be confident with. I would like to get a more permenant solution but it seems very expensive. I'm trying to get some info on what I can do and how much if will be.

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  • Jennifer Green

    Jennifer Green 12 - October - 2010, at 21:49 PM

  • I have three implants, two of them were fine one of them failed and had to be re-done. The procedure is very easy and takes about an hour to do. There will be some discomfort afterward but mine never lasted more than a day or two, you need to be careful for the first ten days because there will be some stitches. Some things that impact the placement of an implant are....the density of your bone and the area that the implant is being placed, upper back teeth can be tough depending on how low your sinus cavity is. Over the last few years there have been so many advances in implant technology almost anyone is a good canidate. After 3 to 6 months the implant will have healed and after being checked by the periodontist (the specialist who will do the surgery) you will get the ok to go to your dentist to have a crown put on. The total time start to finish for an implant seems like a long time (4 to 8 months) but is very much worth it, especially considering the alternatives....Doing nothing is ok but over time teeth move which could change your bite and the look of your smile, a bridge is another option but you must crown the tooth in front of and behind the missing one essentially ruining two good teeth and in the end the cost is comparable. implants are appx $3000 total, a 3 unit bridge is about the same. The best thing to do is have a consult with a periodontist (they specialize in gum and bone issues of the mouth).

  • Fenny Vinit

    Fenny Vinit 11 - October - 2010, at 21:55 PM

  • I just had my tooth taken out and dentist suggested an implant. my husband has one tooth missing for many years and has done some reading on internet and said implant is not good - too many complications. can anybody tell me what u know about implants? how are they fixed? I am so upset about my tooth now - i am officially mutilated now at the age of 40.

  • David Serma

    David Serma 11 - October - 2010, at 03:23 AM

  • You need to stop consumption of tea and coffee as they leads to stains on teeth. Though your problem could be solved only by professional whitening of your teeth but you can try rubbing lemon juice on your teeth or vinegar as well. Drink as much water as you can and use mouth wash only once in a while like before going to bed.you had to have cleanings from your dentist twice in a year.

  • Monica B

    Monica B 08 - October - 2010, at 22:32 PM

  • A few weeks ago I had a stomach virus that kept me in bed for a few days. During that time I ate those pepto bismal tablets non stop and really didn't get around to brushing my teeth on account of being so sick. I didn't brush them for two days. By day 3 I started feeling better and got around to looking in the mirror and noticed that my top front teeth were stained brown due to the pepto (the pepto box warns of turning certain things "harmlessly black" but doesn't mention your teeth!) Anyway, I have scrubbed and scrubbed my teeth twice a day with my toothbrush and toothpaste but it won't budge. How can I remove these stains at home? If I have to go to the dentist then so be it but I want to try some methods at home if possible please let me know.

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - October - 2010, at 11:15 AM

  • the permanent solution for the lost teeth is the dental implants at your age. For teeth whitening you can go for the professional whitenng. You can go for home whitenig system in which dentist makes the mould and give you the material. You can do it at hame. The other is in office. both are equally effective but in office bleaching is expensive but quick. For more info on professional teeth whitening you can visit the following link....www.identalhub.com/article_how-is-professional-teeth-whitening-done-349.aspx

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