My three year old has a newly forming cavity in a cuspid tooth. We have consulted with a dentist in our neigborhood and he has advised us not to treat the tooth with a filling at this time. He suggests just watch the tooth and keep it clean. He says that the tooth should not cause her any pain. That is exactly what I am concerned about. I don't won't her to wait up one morning with a terrible toothache. What do you recommend? I am also concrened that she may have another cavity that maybe I haven't seen. What should I do and is it possible this tooth could cause her pain eventually?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 31 - May - 2010, at 20:23 PM

  • If it is just a incipient lesion ie. there is no catch point, just white discoloration is there then you can wait as sometimes remineralisation takes place but if browish black decay is there and no matter how small it is, you have to get it filled otherwise it will increase and can cause the pain in the tooth. If you are concerned about other teeth then you should go for regular dental check up for your child. This cuspid will be replaced by adult tooth at the age of 9-10 years and it is better that if the filling is required, it should be done when the cavity is small. You can consult a pedodontist instead of general dentist for better treatment. For more info on children dental problems you can read the following article on our website....

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